About ID8 Ventures

ID8 Ventures came into inception with a belief of spreading the knowledge of innovation to a broader spectrum of people. Today it is mostly accessible only in small pockets of disparate and disconnected communities.

How We Can Help

ID8 wants to up the innovation quotient on a pan-india level - by enabling and empowering government bodies, corporates, education institutions with the best possible trends/information to influence their engagement with all things innovation and create a deep connect with the startup ecosystem, where ideas thrive. We support the shared economy of education and innovation.

We offer customized strategy and implementation assistance to government bodies, corporates, education institutions and other knowledge seeking communities, which ranges from understanding the the core need of innovation for the institute/enterprise and work with them closely in stitching myriad innovation programs which could include setting up on their incubation center and stitching programs throughout the year in the center.


The corporates that are building for the future have realized that they cannot innovate everything on their own in their own respective sectors and within the confines of their corporate wall-garden. Even with the best of intention and management will, it’s a challenge to continue to deliver on their financial goals and still try to innovate to be relevant for the future. Therefore, they have started identifying the change makers i.e. the innovators; entrepreneurs etc. for helping them first stay relevant, competitive and then accelerate their growth.

We understand and create a result-oriented strategy for such corporates with an understanding of helping them achieve their larger business goals via numerous


Today, the governments are taking a lot of interest in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation. While the cause is noble, the government agencies are still learning the nuances of the ever-changing world of innovation.

Today, the government agencies can not only support but also monitor various initiatives with the help of ID8 and its vast pool of expert advisors. ID8 founding team has unparalleled experience and exposure in understanding innovation from grass-root level to the pinnacle of what takes to build a large incubation center and bringing in international collaboration to the nation. ID8 also had good know how of what the Govt of India plans to do via its nodal agencies, namely - DST & DIPP.

The best thing that we do is connecting dots with the various stakeholders in the ecosystem in a seamless way so that everyone involved gets to learn, innovate and further the entrepreneurship spirit in the country.

Drop a note at amit@id8vc.com